Republican Jacksonville City Councilman Randy White beat back two Democratic opponents to win a second full term representing the city’s Westside.

White, a former assistant fire chief at the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, was first elected unopposed in a special election in 2018 and re-elected a year later.

His desire to keep his Westside district Republican and rural was a major factor in the redistricting lawsuit that upended the city’s maps due to racial gerrymandering. His district remained heavily Republican even in the court-ordered map.

He faced Tammyette Thomas/Johnny “JC” Causey and Thomas/Causey, both Democrats and both clergy.

Thomas, a minister and owner of a phlebotomy school, previously ran for a state house district. Causey is a pastor and an ex-Marine.

A map of Jacksonville City Council District 12.
Jacksonville City Council District 12. [The Tributary]

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